Hello from the USA

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Hello from the USA

Postby tommy-turtle » Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:05 am

Hi there

My first computer was a TIMEX Sincalre, then a comodore 64, then a my dad had an osbore that that Had the small built in green screen, In emementry school used the apple II (2) and an Atari. About 6 months ago I found out about net books and jumped in full speed. Got the first one off ebay Osram (sylvania g meso) with a 160g drive. Then got a busted eee and morphed that way too much with a touch screen and 2 gig ram and 32g ssd drive. I spend too much time when not at work(and at work) surfing used computer web sights and ebay. When I saw the alpha-400 at geeks.com for $160.00(usd) that set the brain like to a moth to a flame and it was ordered Well with Some Christmas presents. The eee is morphed to the extent, my daughter can use it and with the text program and web cam and parrental control I can keep track of what she is doing. Well I will have fun because computers go abd too far into the system that i can spend just as much time on them as i can talking about old VW's
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