Questions about Mobile(Nokia) connectivity

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Questions about Mobile(Nokia) connectivity

Postby debar14 » Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:24 am

I just got my 400 and it's great. It's a good size too. Not too big, not too small..........

Ok, here's my question....

In the past I always had something that had bluetooth so I could log onto the web thru a BT cell phone. First it was a pocket pc which worked fine.

Then times changed and I figured I'd get a net book. I found the Alpha 400 and Ithought I could add Bluetooth, but now it seems the Linux 2.4 isn't bluetooth friendly. To add BT I have to upgrade LInx core to 2.6 or higher.

Since that sounds kinda complicated I decide to see if I can use a cable instead. Nokia makes one, however there are only Windows and Apple drivers availible. Is there a driver or other software I can use?

I am a T-mobile (US) customer. I currently use a Nokia 6133 cell phone. I am considering getting either a Wing or a Dash or other PPC cell phone.

Or should I give up and trade up to a Net book with Bluetooth already built in...


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Re: new guy with questions

Postby Trygve » Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:20 pm

The phone is listed as supporting GPRS services, and if your provider support that, it may be posssible to get it to work with the USB cable.
(GPRS is amongs supported services in the 'Mobile Connection' applet)

The question then is whether or not the machine needs a driver for it to work with your cell-phone or if it just starts a 'generic GSM/GPRS device' driver...

Unfortunately, I don't have a Nokia myself at the moment, and my brand new Sony Ericsson C702 is in the shop, so I can't test how it acts if you plug in a cell-phone using the USB-cable.

If you have a friend who has a Nokia and USB cable, or any other GSM phone with a cable, feel free to bug them to test...

Changed your topic title to something slightly more meaningful.
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