rechargable batteries?

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rechargable batteries?

Postby UltraMagnus » Sun Jan 14, 2007 12:35 pm

well, thanks to your (Trygve's, if anyone else posts here) help i have managed to get my mc syncing. now the main reason i like this machine is its battery life compared to my modern laptop, however it does seem to eat through AAs. finding an original rechargable pack seems to be quite impossible. so, basically my question is, is the charging circuitry in the MC or in the battery pack? if it is in the MC i can see no reason why i cannot just put AA size NiCads in the normal pack.

thanks in advance!
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Postby Trygve » Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:51 am

The recharge circuitry is in the battery packs.

This may have made the packs slightly more expensive, but...
It also means the MC can use ANY battery technology you want.
(The OS may not know how to predict how long it'll last, but that's another issue)
It also meant that you could recharge them with any 12V PSU you had handy...

I'll see if I still have the sketch of the recharge circuitry in my pack.
Incidentally, the 1000mA pack used 6 x 4/5 A-size Ni-cad cells, which may be difficult to get nowadays. (It's getting to be difficult to get hold of AA size Ni-cads, too, but they should now have the correct size for the Recharge circuitry)
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