Sieve for the sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Sieve for the sinclair ZX Spectrum

Postby Trygve » Sun Oct 09, 2005 9:20 pm

For those living in America, this is a Timex Sinclair (2000?) 8bit computer.

This version of the program is slightly optimized compared to the Atari ST version it is based on...

Code: Select all
10 DIM a(255): LET k=2
20 FOR n=2 TO 255/k
30 LET a(n*k)=1
40 NEXT n
50 FOR n=K+1 TO 255
60 IF a(n)=1 THEN GO TO 80
70 LET k=n: LET n=255
80 NEXT n
90 IF k < 128 THEN GO TO 20

This program seems to take about 8 seconds to run...
Afterwards the array a() will contain a '0' in all locations corresponding to a prime number.

I have not yet attempted a 16bit version...

For anyone wanting to get the numbers on the screen, add these lines to the program before running it:

Code: Select all
100 FOR n=1 TO 255: IF a(n)=0 THEN PRINT n
110 NEXT n

Can this be optimized further?
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