A couple of words for the Über geek...

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A couple of words for the Über geek...

Postby Trygve » Sun Jun 19, 2005 11:41 pm


Here you can discuss ANY game or console, but please follow these rules, to avoid being banned...

1. Mark new topics with the console name, if relevant.
Examples: [N64] - GC -
Please use trunkated names if possible.

2. While it is possible to discuss which console is better than the other, please substantiate it. Just claiming that 'My ShitBox 359 is better than your PrankStation29' is will brand you as a Troll and is likely to get you into trouble.

3. Asking for help in a game is OK, but remember that you're much more likely to find what you need at GameFAQs and ...

4. Asking for help to cheat in online games will not only get you ridiculed, but also a permanent ban. Not to mention a message to your ISP...
(I might even try to contact the people who runs the game in question, to see if they can stop you... )
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