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Da rules

Postby Trygve » Sun Jun 19, 2005 10:46 pm

Subject to change on my whim...

1. L337 speak is grounds for instant ban. No exception.
1.a. Repeatedly writing in ALL CAPS is also grounds for banning.

2. Spamming with Pr0n, online casino's and other offensive content will also get you banned. In addition, I'll toss your ISP a message, too.
And yes, I decide what is offensive.

3. Namecalling, is discouraged, but if done in an humorous way, may be allowed. (If the one on the receiving end objects, though... you're in deep dodo)

4. I reserve the right to lock or delete any topics going way off topic.
(There are many other forums out there where you can roleplay or generally hang out.) Some off-topic content is allowed, though, but please don't overdo it.

5. In the Buy and Sell forum, you're on your own. The most I can do is ban users. If the police shows up I can probably give you an IP address, but that's all.

6. Picking a username you know REALLY belongs to someone else, is just... bad... So please, don't register as 'JonHolmes', 'GeorgeWB'(who would) or 'BillG' will cause you problems if the real owner of the name shows up.

7. Open Proxies. While some people want to hide their identities, which I will try to respect(Hah!), anyone breaking the rules while going through an open proxy will be banned with no warning whatsoever. The only other option for me is to ban the IP address of all Open Proxies out there, and that will block the legitimate users of those services.
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