Power Adapter problems

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Power Adapter problems

Postby gabey8 » Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:41 am

I got an Alpha 400 from geeks.com. Unfortunately, it appears that the power supply is DOA.

I hooked the netbook up to a portable battery, Tekkeon MP 3450, and with the right settings and tip on the battery, the Alpha 400 is running.

Has anyone had to obtain a replacement power supply? Where did you get one?

Is anyone using a third-party power supply? What is it and where can it be obtained?


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Re: Power Adapter problems

Postby Trygve » Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:51 am

You can use any third party PSU as long as it follows these rules:

1. Same Voltage rating. (9V)

2. Same or better Amperage. (1500mA)

3. It's a 'Stabilized' or 'regulated' model.(Most modern types with replaceable tips and adjustable voltage is regulated.) A quick check is to measure the voltage output when it's not connected to anything. It should be within +/- .5V or so of 9V.

4. The plug must fit...

The most critical for you, since you have one that seems to fit is to check the amperage.
My machine has a '4.5W' rating, which should suggest a max power draw of 500mA, but that's for 'normal running', and does not necessarily include the power used to recharge the battery.
Using a PSU of less than 1000mA is 'not recommended', and if using one that's below 1500mA, I'd suggest plugging it in and letting it charge the battery fully before switching it on.
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