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Bon Echo tips and tricks

Postby Trygve » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:34 am

There's a few catchas users should be aware of when using this browser.

Add-ons and Themes.
You won't be using this browser for long before you will want to download one or more add-ons...

The option to do so is found in the 'Tools' menu, 'Add-ons' item.
Click ONLY ONCE on the 'Get Extensions' or 'Get Themes' link at the bottom of the page.
Then minimize or close the dialog to bring you back to the normal browser window. you'll find that it is already loading the correct site in a new Tabbed window. (The first time I tried, I clicked on the 'Get Extensions' link, and nothing seemed to happen... So I clicked again... Seems the browser can handle quite a few windows)

So far I have these Add-ons installed:
(In addition to the defaults)

Fast Video Download - For downloading videos since YouTube doesn't seem to work on this machine...

Zombie Keys - To get accented keys for text entry in webforms.

If anyone have good suggestions I'll add them here:
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