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Joke of the day

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2005 2:37 am
by ICG
Since it's already mentioned in the rules, I thought I'd bring up a jokes-thread :D

A man who lived in an apartment block thought it might be raining, so he put his hand out the window to check for raindrops. As he did, a glass eye fell into his hand.
He stuck his head out to look up to see where the eye came from - just in time to see a young man looking down.
"Is this yours?" he asked.
He said, "Yes, could you bring it up?", and the man agreed.
The man, who turned out to be very attractive, was profuse in his thanks and offered the man a drink. Naturally, he agreed.
Shortly afterward he said, "I'm about to have dinner - there's plenty; would you like to join me?" He readily accepted his offer, and both enjoyed a lovely meal.
As the evening was drawing to a close the man said, "I've had a marvelous evening. Would you like to stay the night?"
The man hesitated, then said, "Do you act like this with every man you meet?"
"No," he replied, "only with those who catch my eye."


PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 5:03 am
by ICG
..electronics can be exciting too :lol:


PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2005 4:29 am
by ICG