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Luft 46
During WWII German Engineers created many new designs, some of which could be called revolutionary. And some even influentiates todays designs...
Scaled Composites
Burt Rutan can design ANYTHING, and have proved it on many occasions; the Long EZ kit plane, planes to fly around the world without refueling, Spaceship One...
The X Prize Foundation
Created to give private entrepenours an ncentive for going into space. The $10million prize was won by Burt Rutan's SpaceShip One.
First Across Organization, NC-4
The purpose of The First Across Organization is the construction of a full-scale replica of the NC-4, the U.S. Navy flying boat (seaplane), which was the first aircraft to successfully cross the Atlantic (or any ocean).
Norwegian Aviation Museum
This museum has it all, from the only Junkers JU-52 with floats in the world to the Lockheed U-2... If you're EVER in the area, VISIT this place!

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