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Psion S5

The computer, partly opened. The keyboard is beginning to slide out. Note that it isn't stable in this position, so never leay yours like this.
[Top view][Side view][Side view. 2][Side view. 3][Front, open][Bottom]

2 x1.5V AA
6V DC in
CR2030 backup
Production year: 1997OS: EPOC/Symbian
Type: PDASpeed: 18MHz
RAM: 8MBROM: 6MBDisplay: None
Resolution: 640x480
This beautiful machine was my main PDA, and therefore main computer, for several years, and no wonder why, either.
A powerful 32bit pre-emptive multitasking OS, fully WYSIWYG wordprocessor and spreadsheet, a decent database program, an Agenda program that is just awesome in the fact that it is both so very flexible and easy to use that no other can compare to it. (With the possible exception of the Agenda on the PsionS3 series)
This, coupled with a battery life of up to 30Hours on two alcaline AA cells, and the possibility to store files on CF-Cards or beam them to other computers made the whole industry sit up and take notice.

Of the 8MB RAM (it also came in a 4MB version, which was discontinued rather soon) about 1MB is used by the OS and automatically created files. The rest is shared between running programs and user files. And unlike many other machines, there was no need to define a 'RAMdisk'.

The touchscreen membrane is slightly larger than the LCD, to encompass the icons at either side of the screen.

As nothing is ever perfect, these machines, too, had their faults. The ribbon-cable connecting the screen to the mainboard has a flaw which tends to make it break at a certain point(usually, the backlight disappears first), the hinges holding the screen in place are weak and prone to breaking, and the lock holding the stylus in place could jam. (Easily fixed)
In addition, the casing had a thin outer layer which tended to peel, but many thought it looked better if they scraped it off, anyway.

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