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Psion S3a

The Psion S3a in all its glory.

2 x 1.5V AA cells
3V DC input
CR1610 Backup cell
Production year: 1993OS: SIBO
Type: PDAProcessor: V30
Speed: 7.68MHzRAM: 512Display: Internal LCD
Resolution: 0FCC ID: ILP S3B
This was my first PDA, and the beginning of something beautiful. It started with a buddy working in a local computer store lending it to me over the weekend to see if I was interested. That weekend I wrote my first program for the S3a. My buddy later admitted that he expected me to buy it as everyone else he had allowed to borrow one also bought it...

It is strange, though, having the power of a PC in my pocket. I still use a S3 series computer, but nowadays it's a S3c model as it has a whopping 2MB RAM. It's just soo well suited for notetaking.

The keyboard is surprisingly good, but you need to develop a special technique to write quickly. What most users do is that they hold it in both hands and type with their thumbs. It may sound strange, it's possible to type almost as fast as on a normal keyboard after a little practice.

While the screen may appear B/W, it is in fact Black/Gray/White.


2005-11-25 Ray
can you write programs on this machine as you can with the lz64?

Yes, and there are literally thousands of programs avaiulable on the net to prove just that. The S3a comes with a built-in programming-language 'OPL', now also known as 'OPL16' which is based on the OPL language found on the Org II series, but wastly expanded. (Procedures, loading modules, graphics, menu commands, event-hasndling, it has it all. )


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