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Hewlett Packard 9816

Unfortunately, this keyboard is missing a few caps.
And even worse, one of the switches, at the top row, the one to the right in the pair that lacks caps, has the 'brushlike' contacts bent completely out of shape.
Also, someone has placed the [RCL] key where the [Enter] key is supposed to be, which seems to indicate that it was in use, or at least someone tried to use it, after it lost the other keycaps.

The disc at the top left is known as a 'cursor wheel'.


110/220V AC
Production year: 1982OS: - Undefined -
Type: WorkstationSpeed: 8MHzRAM: 128/256KB
Display: Internal CRTResolution: 400x300
This is one of the stranger workstations in my collection. Instead of ONE Operating System, this one came with a choice of THREE different ones, HPL(also used on older HPs), BASIC and 'Interactive Pascal', and they could be booted from either a ROM card or from disc.
This unit, was probably sold with a dual 3.5" Floppy drive connected to the machine witha HP-IB cable, but where it has ended up is anyones guess. (The man I bought it from never got one. )

There may be a problem with the onboard switches as the selfstest registers as the 9816A has 128KB on the Motherboard, and the 9816Shas 256KB, and there's a HP 98257 memory-card in one of the expansion slots, and a manual found on the net indicates that it is a cool 1MB in size, but the selftest indicates that it only has 128KB installed. But without a manual for the RAM card, there's very little I can do to rectify that situation.

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HP Computer Museum
This site is stuffed with documents and software for older HP computers. A must-visit!

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