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G R Electronics Pocket VDU

Not exactly pocketable, but...
[Pocket VDU]

Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -Type: Test equipment
Display: Internal LCDResolution: 0
At the moment I don't know too much about this unit.
I do know, though, that it was used to test serial communications.
Battery information and other specifications will be added after I take it apart to examine it.
I can say that it has rather flexible power requirements, as it lists 10 - 20V AC or DC on the back of the unit.

There's a set of switches at the top edge, and on the back there's a list of their functions:
Memory Retention1Onenabled
Stop bits3On1 bit
Off2 bits
Word4 5On On5 bits
On Off6 bits
Off On7 bits
Off Off8 bits
BAUD7 8 9 10Off Off Off Off110
Off On Off Off300
On Off Off On600
Off Off On Off1200
On On Off Off2400
In addition, a sticker placed on it by a company called Nanometrics states that the sequence 'On On On Off' will give 9600

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