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Epson HX-20

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

Well, what can I say about this cream coloured box then?
(Except that it was also available in Silver finish like my Epson HX-20)

It's a 16KB expansion for those that need more than the 16KB that the Epson HX-20 is fitted with.
Except... If you study the manual, you'll find that it can be configured in a few different ways with 0KB, 8KB or 16KB RAM and one or more ROMs.


  1. Save any unsaved files, then switch off the system (using the switch on the righthand side)
  2. Remove the cover on the system bus on the left side of the Epson HX.
  3. Take the two metal pieces and fit them to the side of the HX (using two M4 screws)
  4. slide the expansion module on the metal bars onto the system conector.
  5. Make certain that the holes on the metal bars matches the holes on the expansion unit.
  6. Fasten with the remaining 4 M4 screws.
  7. Switch on the unit.
  8. Reinitialize the unit by pressing [Ctrl]+@
    (Now you'll regret not saving... :-)
  9. Enter Basic and try the Command STAT ALL

    I will add scans of the installation Guide with detailed instructions on switches, RAM and ROM settings later.

    A fun thing that I noticed...
    The expansion unit is fastened with screws in special 'nuts' that are built into the case. There's also one of those nuts in EVERY corner on the underside, and it's NOT to hold anything on the inside... There's also a removable cover where the CPU that handles IO is placed.
    According to information found on another website(now lost), this is where the floppy-drive would connect.
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