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Epson HX-20

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Wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of time planner or Agenda program on this computer?

I set down one evening to try to build one...
Then I realized that unless I needed one that gave an alarm, then it already had one in it's Basic interpreter...

Try starting the Basic interpreter and type in these lines:

20 END
Looks strange doesn't it?
Now to add a couple of meetings on 09:30 Monday, 12:30 also on monday, 10:00 tuesday, 14:00 Thursday...

Type in theese lines:

1093 REM Weekly status meeting with boss.
1123 REM Late lunch after meeting.
2100 REM Discuss latest proposal from eSales task force.
4140 REM Take a early weekend.
Now, try a LIST command...
Still confused?

The format is:
Highest digit is WEEKDAY, next TWO is HOUR and the least indicates 10 minutes.

To find the schedule for a single day, try:

LIST X000-x999
just replace the X with the number of the weekday...

Want it on the printer? Just LLIST with the same parameters...
And remember, if you want more than one day, just expand the LIST command.

To save it, just type SAVE "xxxx" where xxxx is a descriptive name like "WEEK01" or "JAN15" or anything else making sense...
(Keep them on a tape marked 'agendas 2001' or something :-)

Loading it again is a little bit more difficult though...
Try this:

LOAD "xxxx"
Where xxxx is either a valid name, or just "" for the first available file.
the TITLE command is to allow the program to be overwritten.

Want to have more than one week in memory at once?
Use LOGIN X to select another of the Programspaces, LOAD "xxxx" the other week, then change the TITLE statement to reflect the correct week, and RUN.

Now, you're probably asking WHY use LOGIN 5, WHY use TITLE?
Title is so that the 'program' shows up in the system menu, and LOGIN 5 because if you select BASIC from the menu, then you open programspace 1, and I see no reason to mess with that one...

The END statement on line 20?
That's just because when you select AGENDA in the menu, then the AGENDA is actually RUN, and that can take some time if it contains a few lines...

I should probably make a better Agenda program, but this DOES show that sometimes a program CAN be used to something else than it was designed for...
This should work just as well on many other computers, just remember that not all have the TITLE or LOGIN commands, and those that have, probably use them for something else. (Not that they are necessary, they are not, just too darn convenient :-)

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