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Epson HX-20

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

The XH-20 have a fairly 'standard' Basic interpreter. Since this isn't a Basic tutorial, I won't go into too much detail.
The commands are grouped according to function where I deem it appropriate. If a command is missing or incomplete, then I either don't know about it or are unsure about something. Feel free to email me details...

The function keys have these functions:

General editing/running

Starts executing the program.
Alternative use is:
RUN xx
Then it will jump to and start executing from line nr. xx

Lists the program o the screen.
Alternative uses are:
Lists just line nr xx.
LIST xx - yy
Lists all lines from xx to yy.

Prints out the program, or part of the program on the printer. Other than that, the same syntax as LIST.

Automatic line numbering. Will produce a new line number every time you hit [Return].
You stop it by pressing [Break]. Defaults to start at line nr. 10, and increasing by 10 for each new line.
Will start numbering with linenr. xx
AUTO xx.y
Will start numbering with linenr. xx, and increase with y for every new line.

Loads the first program it finds on tape. Will also try to load DATA files, and results in error if it encounters one.
LOAD "xxx"
Loads program file xxx from tape. Will skip files until it finds the correct one.
There's probably more possibilities with this command.

SAVE "xxx"
Saves the current program as xxx on the tape.
Will check ot for more later.

This one clears the memory and prepares for a new program. If you didn't save, tough luck!
Some versions of Basic have a OLD command to bring back your work if you hadn't done anything since the NEW command, but not on this machine...

TITLE "Xxxxx"
This commad gives the program a name, and places it on the system menu. It will also block thee program from being erased by the LOAD or NEW commands.
This will remove the name of the program and any protection.

This command ends the execution of the program.


CLEAR xxx,yyyy

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