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Epson HX-20

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

When first you turn it on, you're presented with something like this:
CTRL/@ Initialize   

There's probably also a lot of garbage on in the list.
Do as the system suggests, press [Ctrl] + [@], to Initialize the system...

Any BASIC programs stored in RAM will also be listed here.

Pressing the number in front of an item will launch the program.

Please note the special keys above the normal keys. They all have their uses:

There are two key kombinatios that you should be aware of, and that seems to work any time:

This starts a small 'cassette handling' program. When activated, you get a tape counter in the top righthand corner, and the PF1 - PF5 keys get these functions:
[PF1]Fast Forward the tape
[PF4]Fast Rewind
[PF5]Exit program
[Shift]+[PF1]Reset counter to Zero

This will dump the screen contents to the printer.

Always remember that the external power is ONLY for rechargeing the battery pack. It will NOT power the unit! (At least my HX-20 will not be powered from external power. )

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