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Epson HX-20

Sleek, silvery exterior and a robust, brown case, this was the first true laptop. It was also available in a light cream colour...
[The Epson HX-20]

4.8V 1100mA (4 x 1.2V Ni-cad cells)
Production year: 1982OS: - Undefined -
Type: LaptopRAM: 16KBROM: 32KB
Display: Internal LCDResolution: 20x4 chars/ 132x32pi
Made in 1982, this machine is probably the first true laptop as it was introduced a year before the Tandy TRS80 Model 100 believed by many(particularly in America) to be the first.

Please note that there is a glaring inaccuracy in the processor list, as this machine doesn't have one 6301, but TWO, one of which is dedicated to IO tasks, like serial, updating the LCD and similar. This makes the machine very responsive.

But now for a few more details:

There's no 'auto power off', but it keeps the contents of the memory intact if you turn it off. (It will return to the system meny, though)
The memory will most probably contain garbage when you first power it up, so you might want to press [Ctrl]+[@] to 'initialize' the system.

There are room for optional ROM modules inside the machine, too.

Known accessories for this machine is:

Useful links:

Pdf's of assorted manuals. If the link doesn't work, just use the search function to find them.

Mathematica... Cooking...
A lot of program listings, a cable schematic, ROM-dump, memorymap and a few other useful bits.

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