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Geofox Geofox One

Big, beautiful, and generally ignored, the Geofox One is still a nice machine
[The One]

2 x 1.5V AA size
CR2032 3V backup
Production year: 1998OS: EPOC/Symbian
Type: PDASpeed: 18MHz
RAM: 16MBROM: 8MBDisplay: Internal LCD
Resolution: 640x320
When it was introduced, this machine was known as the other EPOC machine. This was before Psion created Symbian.

So why haven't you heard anything about it?
Because the Geofox company went bust quite soon, I'm afraid.

Because they believed too much in the internet, and sold the machines online only.

Lets get technical, shall we?

This machine also came as a cheaper 4MB model, which I've been told sold even worse.

This particular machine is one of a set of machines built by the Geofox Usergroup after they bought up the stocks of parts after the Geofox company went belly-up.

While this was a great machine, there were a few problem points with it(no machine is ever free of defects), and in this, the battery-doors would be the first to fail. Also, because of small differences in the OS and HW, not all programs written to take advantage of the Touchscreen on the S5 would work correctly with the touchpad. Many programs also never took advantage of the larger screen, but that can be blamed on programmers taking shortcuts when creating their programs.

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