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Xircom REX 3000

Small, but nifty...
[REX 3000]

2 x CR2025 3V
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: PDARAM: 256KBDisplay: Internal LCD
This is DEFINITELY the smallest organiser in my collection. It's the same size and shape as a PC-Card.

As you can see on the card, it says Rolodex. Ignore that...
This IS the Xircom REX 3000, but it was also known as the Franklin REX 3 before Xircom bought it from them. While it was sold by Franklin it was part of their Rolodex&tm; line of organisers...

Is it any good you ask?

That depends on your needs...
You can't enter data on it, all new data must be transferred from a PC. You can only read the data. (Except for todo items that can be marked 'done')
It has 256KB memory, which should be enough for approx. 3000 contacts.(therefore the 3000 in the name :-)

Earlier models had 128KB, and there are now a REX 5000 with 512KB memory and a primitive data entry function. (Those that have used it says it takes forever to just add a single name or appointment :-)

Things to note: