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Atari Portfolio

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

No, I'm not going to type in the entire manual...

When you first insert batteries and switch on the unit, you're supposed to get a screen like this:
Copyright (c) 1989 DIP
Distributed Information Processing Ltd
Surrey Research Park, Guildford, England
All rights reserved
Tous droits réservés
Alle Rechte vorbehalten

BIOS: X.XXX    Operating System: X.XXX
And maybe, in an ideal world somewhere that's exactly what you'd get too...
But since it seems that I have a special Scandinavian model, the text is slightly different...

The next you should get is the possibility to choose the keyboard layout. Here the manual cites this screen:
Keyboard - clavier - Tastatur
Type [E] for English (QWERTY)
Taper [F] pour Français (AZERTY)
Drücken [D] fur Deutsch (QWERTY)

Of course, what I get is this:
Keyboard - Tangentbord - tastatur

Type   "E" for English   (QWERTY)
Tryck  "S" for Svenskt   (QWERTY)
Tryk   "D" for Dansk     (QWERTY)

After that, there's the DATE mess:
(The next screens may change depending on selected keyboard)
Date: Tue 1-01-1980
New date (mm-dd-yy):
Here you enter the date. Incredibly enough, this machine seems to be Y2K ok... It correctly identifies today (27.08.2001) as a Monday, and when I change the date to early february, it is still correct. It even writes 2001 on the screen when I give 01 in the year portion.

The TIME format is next with:
Time: 0:00:10:00
New time:
Just type in the Hour and minutes, no need to bother with the seconds. (Write: hh:mm)

It will then dump another Copyright message on you before leaving you with this:


Oldtimers like me will of course recognise it at once... It's the infamous 'DOS Prompt' or 'C prompt'...
Those that don't know it should try to track down a MS-DOS, PC-DOS or similar manual.

The internal RAM Disk

When the Portfolio is switched on for the first time, an area of memory is set aside to function as a Disk. This is designated C:

Now, what you should start considering is WHAT you're going to use the Portfolio for. Are the built-in apps enough, or will you need something else?

This is important because you need to decide how large the RAM DISK (C:) is supposed to be.
The system defaults to a RAM Disk of 1/4 of the total memory(My Atari have 128KB in total, so ends up with a 32KB RAM Disk)
If you only use the built-in programs, then you may expand it, maybe to as much as 1/2 the total memory, and if you use large 'external' programs, then you should probably decrease the size.

This is all done with the FDISK command.
Just type FDisk XX
where XX is the amount of memory that you want to allocate to the RAM Disk. Just remember that when you do this, ALL files on C: are DELETED!

Config.sys and Autoexec.bat

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