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Atari Portfolio

Take a look at the Clip-art in M$ Powerpoint and find the symbol for PDA...

3 x 1.5V AA cells
Production year: 1989OS: DOS
Type: PDADisplay: None
This machine was produced by Atari in 1989. By the screen it says 16bit Personal computer. It looks quite high-tech but is it?

Lets have a look at it:

So what can I say about it?

first off, I DO NOT LIKE machines that use 3 batteries. Particularly batteries that come in packs of 4. It's bigger and clumpier than it need to(there's lot's of space inside...) I wish that I had the manual and accessories though. I will have to do a little search on the net and see what I can find.

If you look at what it has going FOR it, then possible DOS compability is a plus, on the OTHER hand, DOS compability isn't all that much to brag about. Another thing it has going for it is a lot of loyal fans around the world. There is even new accessories being built by third-parties still.

Update: 27.08.2001. Received the User manual today. Added a Usage page. <

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