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Sharp PC-1500

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

9v DC
4 x 1.5V AA cells
Production year: 1982OS: - Undefined -
Type: Pocket ComputerProcessor: LH5801Display: Internal LCD
Resolution: 26 characters
The Sharp PC-1500 looks somewhat like the Panasonic 1400 machine in my collection, but when you look closer there are a few very interesting differences... The first is that it's lighter... And whereas the Panasonic uses a tray that you slide both the printer and the machine into, this one have a base with a pritner on the side.
The unit came with a leather carrying case for the computer, and a plastic 'case' for the base/power supply and paper rolls...
Unfortunately, there are some corrosion on one of the two circuit boards in the computer, and this has affected the printed 'flat cables' connectig the two, so I can't test it out yet...

But some facts are evident:

This will of course be updated as soon as I can power it up and test it. Then I will also add a couple of pictures.

News 31.10.2000.
The Sharp PC-1500, except for a slightly different keyboard layout, is supposedly the same as the Tandy TRS-80 PC2. (The Tandy was built by Sharp) The same manuals and programs should therefore be valid for both.

The slot on the rear is for memory expansion. The manual mentions a 4KB module, and there also exist a 16KB battery-backed module(PC-161) but I don't yet know if it works on the PC-1500 or is for the PC-1501 only.

Useful links:

Sharp PC-1500 and TRS-80 PC-2
A good source for both manuals and programs. There's even a couple of side scrolling arcade classics there, and an explanation of how to get them over from your PC to the pocket computer using the sound card...

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