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Panasonic HHC EL-H1400

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6V/450mA Ni-cad
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: Pocket ComputerRAM: 4KBDisplay: Internal LCD
Resolution: 27Chars
The Panasonic HHC EL-H1400 looks somewhat like an extra-fat calculator, but looks can be deceiving...
It was built in the early to mid 80', and came together with a small thermal printer, both of which slides into a plastic rail for a secure connection between them.

Examining a little bit closer I notice that it's much heavier than expected, and it's NOT because of the battery pack. This machine has internal reinforcing, obviously so that it would be able to withstand some abuse.(A feature sorely missed in modern machines) On the lefthand side there's an 'edge connector' for expansion equipment. This connector is actually an extension of the main board. On the back, there is a cover with 3 sockets where one can fit modules looking somewhat like the option rom's of the Tandy 102. There seems to be just one thing missing on this machine, namely a 'contrast' control.

But let's get technical... Here's what I find:

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