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Amstrad NC100

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

4 x 1.5V AA cells
CR2032 3V Backup
Production year: 1992OS: - Undefined -
Type: LaptopRAM: 48KB
Display: Internal LCDResolution: 480x64 B/W
Well, then. Care to make a guess as to when this machine was built?
No, '1986' is wrong.

This machine was actually built in 1992, and is supposedly Alan Sugar's brainchild.
Yes, that's right. According to the introduction in the manual, he had difficulty using ordinary computers and wanted one that was simple to use. Here's what he wrote:

Letter from the chairman of Amstrad

Dear new customer

I am first of all delighted to welcome you to the world of Amstrad, with your purchase of this new Notepad computer.

This product is known inside our company as my "BABY". The background to its inception stemmed from personal desire to be able to use a computer.

Yes - I am embarrassed to say that, as the Chairman of one of Europe's largest manufacturers of computers, I have never been able to use one! A while ago I called a meeting with some of my engineering staff and explained that I wanted us to make a simple to use computer. I explained that I'm not interested in knowing what's inside the machine and what the specifications of the machine is. I just want a machine that is simple to use and understand.

After many months of development and many meetings in which I was asked to give my opinion on the simplicity of its operation, this product evolved as what I perceive to be the first of a long line of a new generation of simple to use computers.

Although the Notepad is very simple to use, it should not be underestimated. I decided to write the first section (Section 1) of this instruction book to cover very simply the main functions for the first time novice user. The second section of the book has been written by the "BOFFINS" and uncovers a vast world of the machine's operation. If you still have any problems in understanding the Notepad, see page 215 for details of our telephone hotline support.

I am sure that if you have never used a computer before that once you have started to use the Notepad, you will be delighted with the results - so remember that it was AMSTRAD that put you in touch with the world of computing.

If you are delighted with your new skills, please show them off and recommend a friend or colleague. Help us to make AMSTRAD the entry-level computer standard.

Yours sincerely

Alan Sugar


I feel like digging a bit more than Alan, so here goes...

In addition I can mention that this machine seems to have a rather powerful macro language, decent mail-merge, and the Basic can even be used to script a terminal session.

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