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Tandy TRS-80 Model 102

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In the Basic application, the Function keys are just shortcuts for often used Basic commands... They are so short and simple that it's not worth the bother of memorizing. Besides, some of the commands can use options that are unavaiable when using the function keys...
But here they are anyhow:
F1F2F3F4 F5F6F7F8
Lists all files in memory.
You just add filename and the second "
As for F2
Lists out your program
Not used Not used Exit to MENU


To write a program you could type this:
10 PRINT "Hello World"
And just press [Enter]
The program line would now be stored in memory, ready for execution... (Had you typed the line WITHOUT the number, then the command would have been executed immediately, and just a line number without a command would delete that line.) Of course, there is more to editing than this...

There are several commands used when editing the programs:
Got any comments? Write them here:

RUN RUN[Enter]
Starts executing the program from the lowest numbered line.

RUN XX[Enter]
Starts executing from line number XX

Lists all lines of your program.

LIST XX[Enter]
Lists line XX only.

Lists all lines from XX to YY.

This loads the file into the Text program for editing. Note that the F8 key returns you to the Basic interpreter, otherwise the Fn keys work as usual.

EDIT XX[Enter]
Starts to edit the line specified.

Loads all lines from XX to YY into the editor. Handy if the program is well structured...

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