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Hewlett Packard 700LX

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

2 x 1.5V AA
CR2032 3V Backup cell
Production year: 1995OS: DOS
Display: Internal LCD
This is a weird one...

And that is just the shape...

The strange slot on the top is for a Nokia 2110 GSM phone. Other than that it's supposed to be the same as the 200LX, so much of this page should be valid for that too.

But you're probably wondering about the rest...
In the front there's three leds to warn about Low Battery, Communication in progress and Scheduled Alarm. When you open the long, thin, almost fiddly latch, you reveal a keyboard with small keys(which could have been bigger), a screen and stylish Earth and stars motif. Right below the screen is a strip marked F1 to F10. Programs written for the 700LX will put function descriptions on the screen, directly above this strip.
Turning the machine over, we find the battery cover. On it we find a rod that swivels out to support the machine while open. (you really need it if the Nokia is attached... )

Now, lets turn it on...
The first thing that I get is a list of 'Todays item's of interest'. This list pops up the first time you turn it on each day.
After pressing enter to get rid of it, we get the list of installed programs, some of which even have [hotkeys] on the keyboard:

A quick note: The first time you start any of the programs, you get a tips screen. It's usually quite good, but sometimes the author of the tips have tried too hard to be funny...

Now, you're probably wondering about the hardware, right?

Other details?
In the package was a small envelope with a strip of glue backed metal. It seems that the owner was supposed to get his name engraved on the metal and then stick it in a dedicated area on the bottom of the machine. Nice, but?

My opinion?

Quite probably the best DOS based organiser ever made, but too lumpy to fit in a pocket(unless you have a tailor with a VERY warped sense of humour.)
Also, the machine came in late 1995(I think) and the Nokia 2110 was demoted by the Nokia 8110 in the summer of 96. The 2110 was sold a while longer, but the advertising never advertised for the professional market again, and this machine was too expensive for anyone else. There's also the fact that you can't copy phonebooks to and from the phone. (Limitations in the phone makes it impossible to copy more than the numbers even with third party programs, and without the names...)

So, is it anything for you?

If you need a DOS machine, then maybe. Then again, the 200LX is supposed to be the same, only without the lumpy holder...

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