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Hewlett Packard Omnigo 100

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

2x1.5V AA
CR2032 3V backup
Production year: 2000OS: GEOS
Type: PDARAM: 1MBDisplay: Internal LCD
Resolution: 240x240pixels
So, what's this then? A tablet, or a traditional keyboard type PDA?
The answer is both!

This chubby computer masks as both an ordinary keyboard type PDA and if you open it up all the way so that the keyboard swings around to the back of the screen, it turns into a PalmPilot lookalike... Just heftier...

A few facts:

Now to do some digging....

It says '1MB' above the screen. Is it?
Maybe, but then again, it seems like it needs it.
I use the Setup icon, and it reports 379KB free... But I'm not using any programs....
I use the Transfer icon, and find that it did create a few dummy files when I started it, but that's only 30KB. It seems like the OS uses more than 600KB alone! I know, the Grafitti handwriting software steals some, but if the OS uses most of a computers built-in memory, then either the OS is too cludgy, or the computer was designed with not enough memory.

The PCMCIA slot only takes SRAM cards. Nothing else. And to make it even more fun, you must close the card from the Home screen(or system window), and then turn off the unit before it's safe to remove the card. What a load of CRAP!
It will install any programs on the card and present the icons in the home screen, but it will not allow you to directly open a file stored on SRAM. It MUST be copied to internal memory using the Transfer icon...

Why is everything on the keyboard written in ITALIC?
(it just looks weird :-)

But, Isn't there anything good to say about it?
Sure... It's rugged...
Actually, there are a couple of apps you should know about...

There's a reasonably useful Spreadsheet, a Jotter program for short notes and drawings is always useful, Appointment book, the time planner looks useful enough, the same can be said about the Phone book and the Data apps.
But where it gets interesting is the Finance application, which can do a lot of neat stuff like mortgage calculations, conversions, cash flow analysis and so on. It also has a HP 12C Financial calculator emulator...
It even has a solver function. Quite handy. just fill in the values you have, and the solver finds the ones you don't have.

The conclusion?
Not a serious contender for the dedicated roadwarrior, but should be Ok for any beancounter that is unlucky enough to be stranded away from his office...
It needs a decent document editor and the ability to work directly on files stored on SRAM cards to become useful to others.

Useful links:

Adondo's Omnigo 100/120 Page
This used to be a decent site to start looking for docs and software. A few of the links seems to still work, though.

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