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Tandy SF-5000

Interestingly, they use a concept drawing of the kit itself on the front of the box.
[Boxed kit]

3 x 1.5V C-size Alkalines
Production year: 1971OS: - Undefined -
Type: Test equipmentRAM: 0ROM: 0
Display: None

The Science Fair SF-5000 Electronic Computer

Don't laugh. That's what it says on the box.

Interestingly enough, I can't find anything that qualifies as 'electronic' in this kit.
What I found is 3 C-cell batteries, a row of incandescent bulbs, a board to insert wires, and under it; a lot of switches.
At best it can be called an 'electro-mechanical calculator', but as all switches has to be set manually, even that's a long shot.

It seems that you can make it do some nifty logic tasks, though, and may even have helped some to understand digital logic.

The year was taken from the publication year of the manual. I don't know if there was ever a second edition of the manual, but at the end of this one there's a suggestion thatt people try to create their own 'programs' for it, and that good examples might be published in a new edition. (The Inventory number of the manual, 28-199, is printed on the back)
If anyone have an updated version, feel free to mention it to me.

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Dave's Computers
Dave Dunfield has a scan of the manual on his site.

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