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Zellweger Uster TCA-C

Opening the machine is easy enough. Just remove the two screws above the front and it hinges open. What we see is the different modules making up the machine.
The card at the 'bottom' of the righthand side of the picture is a memory card of some sort. The card above that is the CPU card. The module at the righthand side, just below the full-length one at the top looks to be a PSU of some sort. Other than that, I havn't identified anything.

DC? In.
Production year: 1984OS: - Undefined -
Type: Test equipmentRAM: 6KBDisplay: None

TCA-C Telephone Call Analyser

I really wish I knew more about this piece of equipment.

The date is a guess based on some stickers on modules inside the unit. The RAM amount is based on the fact that I found 6 x 4118P (1KB) RAM chips on one module. Strangely enough, I didn't see any RAM on the CPU card.

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