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Zellweger Uster TCA-C

On the back there are two D25 connectors8hidden by a connector module) at the upper righthand corner. One is marked V24 and the other MODEM. Acordig to the diagram to the left of the connectors, the V24 connector can be used to connect it to a tape drive, printer or screen. The two round connectors above the D25 connectors seems to also be used to connect to a phone line.
The bottom half is covered by a schematic, obviously detailing how to connect it to a telephone central using the connector on the front of the machine, and also a step-by-step guide to how to change paper in the printer on the front.

DC? In.
Production year: 1984OS: - Undefined -
Type: Test equipmentRAM: 6KBDisplay: None

TCA-C Telephone Call Analyser

I really wish I knew more about this piece of equipment.

The date is a guess based on some stickers on modules inside the unit. The RAM amount is based on the fact that I found 6 x 4118P (1KB) RAM chips on one module. Strangely enough, I didn't see any RAM on the CPU card.

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