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Victor V286P

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

220V AC
Production year: 1988OS: DOS
Type: PortableDisplay: Internal LCD
This portable must have seen quite a bit of use since, not only is the exterior scratched and a panel beneath the screen is missing, but the 3.5" floppy has been replaced at one time or another.

I got the production year from stickers on the EPROMs containing the BIOS, so it may be a year off.
(The chips are under one easily removable panel on the bottom, together with a socket for an 80287 math co-processor.)
There's room for something I believe to be a memory expansion under another cover also on the bottom.
On the left side there's a PS/2 Keyboard connector and a mysterious connector for an 'ADDPAK'
On the right side there's a 'BUSmouse' type mouse connector and another connector of the same size, marked '10Key', which is probably for a numeric keypad. Under the floppy drive(also on the right side), there's a removeable module which fits a half-length ISA-card.
(Why you can have a ISA-card in an easily-removeable module I don't know. Was it possible to buy extra modules?)

On the rear, there's a 9pin RS232 port, a Mono/colour video port(with a switch above it) and a printer port.
In addition, there's a switch above the keyboard, marked 'FDD A/Printer/FDD B' which I assume is used when connecting an external(5.25"? ) floppy to the printer port.

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