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Hewlett Packard 95LX

Yes, it IS as hefty and solid as it looks.
[The 95LX]

2x1.5V AA
3V CR2032
Production year: 1991OS: MS-DOS
Display: Internal LCDResolution: 40 x 16 chars
Introduced in 1991, this machine was reasonably powerful and high tech.

Shall we take a little peek at the details...

What else can I say about it?

I compared it with my Psion S3a, and found that it was 4mm thicker and much lumpier. My S3a fits comfortably in an inside pocket on most jackets, the HP does not.
The keys are reasonably good, but could have been bigger. The Infrared port is nice, but mostly useless.
Using DOS means that there's a lot of readily available programs, but the quarter size screen will cause badly behaved programs to crash. Also, if you run a DOS program, instead of a program built for the 95LX, you'll have to close all other programs first. You must also configure manually how much of memory that is used for the C: RAM DISK, and how much is used to run programs.
The serial cable and connectivity programs is extra...

Conclusion? If you need a simple, reliable computer for calendar, short notes, spreadsheets, and a decent calculator, then these are still good value for the money. (If you carry a bag or something to put it in that is :-)

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