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Texas Instruments Silent 700

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20V AC
Battery packs?
Production year: 1983OS: - Undefined -
Type: TerminalDisplay: None

Silent 700 Data Terminal

This may look like a typewriter, but it's a 'line terminal', with a keyboard, a serial port for connecting to a remote computer, and a printer for outputting anything the computer sends.

This is the 709model(not that I know what the difference between the different models in the 700 series is), and it has an 'Auto Access Cartridge' which I assume is some sort of configurable 'auto dialler software' as it has a backup battery.

On the underside there's two large compartments with wires that looks as if they're for battery packs.

The printer is a thermal type.

Where the paper roll usually rests, there's a list of switch setting and command codes:
Operations in Command mode:

 To enter - Press "CMD"
 Valid commands
   Barberpole test - Press "T"(Offline only)
   Dial from KYBD - Press "D"(707, 709 only)
   Manual ANS - Press "A"(707,709 only)
   Manual ORIG - Press "O"(707, 709 only)
 To exit - Press "Esc" or "RTN"

To Alternate between 80 and 132 columns
(STD and Compressed print) from keyboard -
  Press and hold "CTRL" and "SHIFT",
  then press "RTN"

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