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Casio PV-750 PocketViewer

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

2 x 1.5V AAA cells
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: PDARAM: 2MBDisplay: Internal LCD
Resolution: 160x160 pixels B/W

This is the 'big brother' of my PV-S250 model, or is it?

It's bulkier, and seems to be running a slightly older version of the OS.

Anyway, here's the specs:

Now it's time to stop being objective, and start having fun...

Since the screen is the same as on the PV-S250, I can't really say anything more about it...
The same goes for most of the built-in apps, also...

I'm still pissed off at the moronic backliting...

The docking cradle is better than the one for the PV-S250.

This machine is thicker than the PV-S250, but not because it contains more electronics, but more probably because it's an older design.
On the bottom, near the serial port is a mystic piece of plastic, which when removed reveals two small, round holes. One of these is just the right size for a typical power plug. Did they design it in, then decide that this unit doesn't need it?

The Serial port on this machine is quite large. Why? Only about half of the pins are used when it docks.

The Infrared port. According to the manual, it can ONLY be used to connect to an IRDa enable phone and used to dial up to an ISP.
Why didn't they at least add sending/receiing of vCard/vCalendar objects which most other IRDa enabled PDA's can handle?

The hinged cover has a simple lock to keep it closed when you're not using the machine. Thank you!
(It's something that most similar machines lack)

The mail program...
Yes, it sounds like a good idea, but...
It has a few pitfalls that you should be aware of...

In the 'options', be aware of the 'delete mail from host upon receipt' settings...
It doesn't sound bad, but but it can be set to 'delete all' in which case it also deletes mails you HAVEN'T downloaded.

The 'Skip large messages' option sounds like a good idea, but if used together with the earlier mentioned delete option...

The 'Disconnect after 10 minutes' option will disconnect after 10 minutes of idle time. Have any of the goons that made this software ever checked what 10 minutes of data calls costs?
(I use 30 seconds inactivity on my Psion)

When you send mails you're limited to messages of no more than 16KB, and receive is limited to 24KB. (It will cut off the mail at 24KB if you try to download larger mails, and just add a - continued - message at the bottom. No it isn't continued. Also a lot of fun if you have set it to delete mails from the server)

Of course, it can only accept attachments made on another PV unit...

And the ONLY attachment you can send seems to be Quick-memo's...

As for the PV-S250, there used to be lots of decent software out there, but the sites seems to have disappeared.

Useful links:

Casio worldwide download site
Manuals, Synch software, SDK and a few utilities.

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