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ePods Inc ePodsOne EP1

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

10V DC
7.2V/2700mAh Ni-mh
Production year: 0000OS: Windows CE
Type: Tablet computer.RAM: 16MBDisplay: Internal LCD
I don't know much about this tablet computer, really.

It runs WinCE V2.12, so it suffers the same problems as other early WinCE computers; having to manually partition memory for runningprograms and for file storage, Plug and Play an even bigger jokethan usual, and doesn'teven recognise USB memory without a driver.

The unit has a CF-card slot, a PCMCIA slot, 2 x USB, serial, iRDA and mic and speaker connections.

This unit came 'hacked' with an XP-lookalike UI, using 'The Epods1XP Hack Full Application Version 3.5!' which is supposedly 'v2.04 Hack with ePod1XP Hack Merged'(acording to a readme I found on the accompanying 32MB CF-card)

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