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Tandy WP-2

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You have installed the batteries, opened your first file, and run the system Setup program. Now, you probably want to start typing something on the blank screen. Maybe you are wondering what the Wordprocessor can really do. This sample session will help you to briefly explore some of the basic features available on the WP-2.

A Letter to the Editor

You left your home early this morning to attend a local festival with your family. After driving around for twenty minutes, yuo finally found a parking place. In the confusion of unloading the coats and the kids, you set your new camera on the car bumper. You locked up the car and off you went.

What fun you were having! You had been walking around the festival grounds for a couple of hours when you decided to take a picture of your children having fun feeding a pig. Then you remembered... Your CAMERA! You left it on the bumper of your car!

Moan, whine, expensive camera, gift from wife... yadda, yadda, more whining and moaning. Then, when he backs out of the parking space, he spots the camera on the ground. Seems a good samaritan placed it between the front wheels, so it would be difficult to spot by a passersby.
Now you're home again and want to write a letter to the local newspaper to tell everyone what a schmuck you were and that there still are honest people about

You take out your WP-2, turn it on and begin to type:
(Write this EXACTLY as seen here, errors and all!)

Dear Editor;

Every day we read our newspapers and listen to the news
broadcasts on television and radio. Most of the stories
are horifying or depressing. How would you like to read
some good news, for a change!

My family and I attended the County Festival today. It was
fun, as usual. But something happened to me that will make
this year's festival unforgettable.

I mistakenly left my camera on the bumper of our
automobile. Two hours passed before I realized that I
didn't have it with me. I knew that dozens of people had
walked by our car, but I hoped that my cameral might still
be there. Well, it wasn't.

When we left the festival, it was late. As we backed out of
our parking space with the headlights on, I saw something
on the ground in front of the car. It was my camera! Someone
had moved it from the bumper of my automobile to a less
obvious location underneath my car between the front tires.

I was sure that my camera had been stolen, but I was
pleasantly surprized. I am thrilled to know that honesty
is alive and well in our community.

To the person who moved my camera: Thanks!


J. Doe

Now, you want to proofread your letter. Press [Ctrl]-[↑]. The cursor moves to the first line of your letter.
In the first line you meant to type a colon instead of a semicolon. Press [Ctrl]-[→] to move the cursor to the end of that line. Press [Bksp] to delete the semicolon. Press [:].
Yuo see a spelling error in the first paragraph. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the word horifying. The WP-2 is automatically in Insert mode. Therefore, you move the cursor over the letter i, the position in the word where you want to insert the leter that will correct the spelling of this word. Press [r].
Press [Shift]-[↓] to move to the bottom of the screen. PRess this key combination again to move to the bottom of the next screen.
You find another spelling error in the line above the cursor. Use the arrow keys to the word cameral. Move the cursor over l, which is the extra letter in the word. Press [Shift]-[Bksp] to delete the l.
Press [Shift]-[↓] to move to the bottom of the screen. Press this key combination again to move to the bottom of the next screen.
You would like to rearrange the wording at the beginning of the first sentence on his screen:

  1. Press [Shift]-[↑] to move to the top of the screen.
  2. Press [F1]-[9] to initiate the Select function. Press and hold [→] until When we left the festival, is highlighted. (If you go too far, press [←] to eliminate the highlighting from the text that you do not want to select.)
  3. Press [F1]-[-] to cut the highlighted text out of your letter and stoe it in a temporary file in the WP-2's memory. Press [Shift]-[Bksp] to delete the space left behind when the text was cut.
  4. Press [F2]-[\] tochange the WP-2 from Insert mode to Overtype mode.(Notice how the cursor shape changes.) Press [Shift]-[I] to uppercase the i in it.
  5. Press the arrow keys to move the cursor to the location where you want to insert the text that you cut previously. (Move the cursor over the period followingthe word late.) Press [F1]-[=] to paste the text in place. Press [Bksp] to delete the comma preceding the period.
  6. Press the arrow keys to move the cursor over the W in When. The WP-2 is still in Overtype mode, so press [w] to lowercase this letter.
  7. Press [F2]-[\] to return to Insert mode. Press[←] once, and then press the spacebar to insert a space between late and when.
  8. Press [Shift]-[↓] to move to the bottom of the screen. Press this key combination again to move to the bottom of the next screen.

You do not find any more errors, but there are some other wording changes you would like to make.

You decide that that you do not like the sound of the word automobile in your letter. You want to change all occurrences of that word to car.

  1. Press [Ctrl]-[↑]. The cursor moves to the first line of your letter.
  2. Press [F2]-[2]. At the prompt String to be found: type automobile and press [enter].
  3. At the prompt String to replace with: type car. Press [Enter] to begin the Replace function.
  4. When the WP-2 finds the first occurrence of the word automobile in your letter, press [A] to replace all occurrences of automobile with car.

You wonder if there could be a better word to use in place of the word obvious. Move the cursor to obvious in the fourth paragraph of your letter. PRess [F1]-[7] to begin the Synonym function. The WP-2's built-in Thesaurus goes to work searching for words with a similar definition. Use the arrow keys indicated on the screen to view all the synonyms listed for that word. Use [→] or [←] to move the highlight bar over the word conspicuous when it is displayed. Press [Enter]. The word obvious in your letter is automatically changed to conspicuous.

you have made all the changes and corrections that yuo feel are necessary, but you want to make one more check of the spelling in your letter. This time, check it by using the Spellcheck function. Press [F2]-[6]. The WP-2 finds a spelling error that you did not notice before(surprized). Press [C] to view a list of possible corrections. With the highlight bar over the word surprized, press [Enter]. The word surprized is automatically changed to surprised. Press [Cncl] to cancel Spelldoc.

you have finished your letter. Turn off the WP-2. The WP-2 automatically stores the letter in its memory. When you turn on the WP-2 again, your letter will appear exactly as you left it.

Now you can sleep!

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