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Tandy WP-2

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This is an excerpt of the manual, and much of the content can probably be considered @Tandy.

Powering up

  1. Use the point of a pencil to turn on the Memory protect switch on the right side of the unit. (Only turn it off when you replace the backup battery as it will erase the memory.) The Backup battery is a CR2430, under a round cover on the back.
  2. To open the battery compartment, slide off the cover.
  3. Install 4 AA batteries. The manual recommends Alcaline or Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
    Note: You can connect the WP-2 to aC using an AC-adapter rated at 6V DC, 400mA.
  4. Replace battery compartment cover.
  5. If you want the unit to stand at an slight angle, lower the two legs on the bottom.
  6. Press the POWER button.
  7. Adjust the CONTRAST dial until the following message is clearly displayed:
    New File Name
  8. A small blinking block called a cursor appears to the right of this message. Type a temporary filename with a max of 8 characters, then press [Enter]. The Status display appears, showing the format line with margins and tab settings, the current cursor position(line and column), amount of available memory and document name.
  9. Press any key and the Status display disappears.

Using the Cursor Keys
The arrow keys on the lower right edge of the keyboard are cursor control keys. With these keys, you can move the cursor one position in any direction. Press and hold an arrow key to repeat the movement of the cursor in the direction of that particular arrow.

Uing the Function Keys
Notice the chart directly above the keyboard. The chart has two lines showing special functions for the [F1] and [F2] keys. The fist contains the functions associated with the [F1 function key. The second line contains the functions associated with [F2]. The function keys are located to the left of the space bar.
To select a function, press and hold the appropriate function key and, at the same time, press the key directly below the desired function, as indicated by the chart above the keyboard. For example, the key sequence [F1] - [1] accesses the Help function.

Selecting a Menu Option
Several of the functions cause a menu to appear on the screen. A menu shows a list of options. You can select an option in one of two ways. You can press the [↑] or [↓] keys to move the highlight bar over the desired option, and then press [Enter]. Or, you can press the key sequence listed on the screen to the left of the option you choose.

Running Setup
The first time you start the WP-2, you need to run the built-in Setup program before you begin the word processing. The System selection in the Setup program tells the WP-2 what kind of batteries you are using, whether you want the automatic spell checker turned on or off, and how much time to wait before automatic power off. Use Setup any time you want to change the current settings.

  1. With the WP-2 turned on, press the key sequence [F2]-[-] to start Setup. The Setup menu appears:
    | F2-S System
    | F2-T Telcom
    | F2-P Printer
    (In the manual the first line is shown with a gray background to indicate the selection bar)
    Select the System option. Se separate chapters for the Telcom and Print options.
    Auto power off(min)    | 10
    Auto spell check       |YES NO
    Battery type           |Alkaline Ni-Cd
    (In the manual, 'NO' and 'Alkaline' is shown with a gray background, to indicate selection bars)
  2. The cursor is now in the answer area of the first prompt, Auto power off(min). When the WP-2 is not in use for a selected period of time, it turns itself off automatically. The preset(or default) time the WP-2 waits before turning itself off is 10 minutes. To change this time, simply type in a number representing minutes between 0 and 255.(0 will turn off this feature) Press [Enter] only if you change the default setting.
  3. Use [↓] to move the cursor to the Auto spell check answer area.
  4. If you want the WP-2 to buzz each time you type a word it does not recognize, use the [←] to highlight YES. Otherwise highlight NO.
  5. Press [↓] to move the cursor to thee Battery type answr area.
  6. Use the arrow keys to highlight either Alkaline or Ni-Cd. Select Alkaline if you are using anything other than nickel-cadmium batteries. (This was written before Ni-Mh rechargeables, or Lithium disposables.)
  7. When all answers are the way you want them, press [Enter]
The screen clears, and you are now ready to begin word processing!

Learning More About Your WP-2
To learn more about using the WP-2, 'The Sample Sessionæ is a great place to start. This brief tutorial makes learning word processing fun and easy.
You don't need to learn the information in the later chapters, however, you might want to glance through them to become more familiar and comfortable with your WP-2.

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