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Brother EP-22


4 x 1.5V D-size cells
6V DC in
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: Typewriter/Word ProcessorProcessor: 6303RAM: 2015 Chars
Display: Internal LCDResolution: 1x 16 Chars
What's this then?

At it's simplest it's a portable typewriter.
But it's more than that...
If you look at the lefthand side, You'll notice a port hidden by a cover. This is a RS232 port. This 'typewriter' can be used as a Printer.

But why don't we look a little bit closer...

The screen is a single 16Character row LCD.
There must be a capacitor or something dedicated to supply power while changeing batteries.

There's also a 'auto power off' function. (But not while functioning as a printer) Other than that, on the inside of the top cover, there are two slots to store ribbon cassettes and a slot to store the serial port cover. It's also possible to store a small amount of paper in the cover.
As a printer, it's not much. It don't even support Bold, Underlined or Italic and only supports 75 or 300 bits/Second transmission.
(Actually, this may be a bit inaccurate, as I seem to remember someone once sending me a mail stating that he had indeed gotten different styles. If I can find that, I'll add another page of info)

As a typewriter, the batteries probably lasts a long time, it prints almost silently, only making noise when doing linefeeds. It offers a 16Character undo buffer.

Do I use it?
No, but no serious collection is ever complete without one.

Just one tip...
Don't leave it with batteries for an extended period. It seems like it drains them for power, possibly to protect the 2KB of memory.

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