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VTECH Phusion

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

2 x 1.5V AA
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: PDARAM: 2MBDisplay: Internal LCD
What's this then?
Whatever it is, it sure is colourful...

Lets get digging:

Bright colours, replaceable front bezel and a digital camera built-in. There's no price for guessing that this unit is meant for the younger generation...

I decided against listing the installed programs in the listing above, and instead list them in a table here:
Main Menu
CameraThe application for taking pictures.
Can be timed(10 second delay)
Can also be set to wake up and take pictures at a later time.
Photo BrowserUsed to view the pictures.
My Photo GalleryA collection of tools to work with the pictures.
My AlbumCollects your pictures into 'Albums'.
Card MakerUse the pictures to create Greeting cards, Postcards, Name cards and Invitations. Printing is done from the PC-based synch software.
Slide Show MakerPuts several pictures together to form a slide show. You can also add sound and other effects.
Photo MakerAn opportunity to change the pictures
Photo EffectsUse these functions: Blur, Emboss, Invert, Mirror, Shear Vertical, Shear Horizontal, Sharpen and Trace
Special EffectsAllows you to add 'Hairstyles' or 'Special Backgrounds' to a picture. Since there's no Move, Size or rotate possibility to make it fit better, this is of VERY limited useability.
My OrganizerThe tools you normally expect to find in a unit like this.
My MailboxThis is a small application to WRITE new emails that you later upload to your PC and send from there. It allows you to pick email addresses from Contacts and to insert pictures.
My Address BookKeep track of friends and colleagues.
Also allows you to define 'groups'.(Only contains email addresses)
My CalendarA time planner with Day and Month view.
My Memo PadFor short notes. The max xize is not given, but i've tested it with more than 500 characters...
My Money ManagerA simple program to keep track of your expenses.
My DatabaseA very simple database. Allows you to define your own databases, and even though it only allows two fields, it scores over the Palm III on this point...
School SubjectsDefinitely meant for students. A table of 7 days and 10 classes each day.
To Do ListThe tasks you have to do, with Start date, Due date, Status, priority and details.
My AccessoriesA few useful tools...
ClockTo see and set Time, Date, Home Time, daylight Saving and Daily alarm
City LocatorTo see where a city is located in the world. Unfortunately, it does NOT display timezone information. Also, only lists 50 cities.
Mini-CalculatorAs the name says...
Unit ConversionConverts between different units. Handles these types: Speed, Lenght, Volume, Area, Temperature, Energy, Weight, Pressure, Power and Time. Handles knots, but not Nautical miles...
Birthday ListUses the dates added in the Address list. Can be set to alert you a few days in advance.
My ProfileWhere you write in your name and email address. No provision for a snail mail address or phone number.
EntertainmentOr in other words; GAMES!
Photo PuzzleSlide the bits around to end up with a complete picture.
Photo Tic-Tac-ToeGet three in a row to win over the computer.
TriviaIf you know things like 'In the Wizard of OZ, what is the lion looking for', and 'Who won the 1999 inianapolis 500', then this is for you...
PeggedRemove all the pegs but one, which is supposed to be in the centre of the board.
Word ChamberA poor Pac Man clone...
Phortune CookiesUses a Picture, your name and gender to decide how much luck you have today, your lucky number, lucky colour and a daft text like; 'A friend will need you to be a good listener'. It can also 'evaluate' friendship if you add the name and picture of a friend...
Word & MathGames and tools to help you learn...
Math GamesAs the title says...
TangramsAncient Chinese puzzle. Create figures by rotating and moving geometrical figures.
MathimageEvery time you solve a formula, a piece of the picture is revealed.
Grid GradLearn how to plot points in a grid...
Word GamesYeah, you can play games with words.
Word PuzzleWite words into a crossword diagram, then see if the spell checker accepts them.
Clue CounterTry to guess the word based on the clues given.
AnalogiesComplete sentences like 'Skate is to ice as ski is to...'
TranslatorTranslate between English <-> French and English <-> Spanish. This program knows 5000 words with translations in all languages.
Spell CheckerA program far too few use. It has a dictionary of over 72.000 words.
ToolsSetup and system tools.
My SetupA fun place to mess about.
Memory managementShows how much memory that's free and how many posts, pictures or whatever is stored in every application.(Not listed with KB) There are also tools to delete all posts in a single application, in all applications or to eset the unit.(Be VERY careful with those!)
Date & Time FormatHow do you prefer to have it? 12 or 24 Hour clock, date format, and which day the week starts on.(Sunday or Monday)
Auto Shut-off TimeHow long it is supposed to wait for user activity before it switches off. There's also a version number listed here, but I have no idea what it is for...
Sound SetupHow noisy it is...
Lock UnitPassword protection...
User ModeWhether or not you want scrolling text on the bottom of the screen to give you help.
PC LinkTo connect to a PC. There's also the possibility of reading a log of how the synchronisation went.
Phusion TutorA lot of help files.

On the box it lists these figures:
Digital Camera
25 pictures
Address Book250 contacts
To Do List255 Tasks
Memo Pad300 memos
Database300 records

The machine is VERY slow at updating the screen when typing in text. Luckily, it seems to have a decent write-ahead buffer so it won't loose any characters...
(It's possible that whether or not having the scrolling help text at the bottom of the screen might influence it, but it was slow even without it running)

The support for 'non-USA' keyboard codes are poor. You must press a 'key' on the keybord, a window appears on the screen, and you use the navi key and the OK key to select the symbol you want. (Only one, then the window disappears)
Given that they have the replaceable front bezel, why not the ability to place a decal with other symbols over the keyboard and selecting the correct code page in the setup?

The PC synch software came on ONE 3.5" floppy. GREAT! I like software that's no larger than necessary...

The Memory Management application reports 906KB of 941KB free when you first start it up. Deleteing the PR Memo actually results in LESS free RAM.

In the Email application, you can insert predefined sentences.

There is also the possibility of inserting 'Smileys' in the text in several of the applications. My conclusion?
I've seen worse PDA's than this, sold for a lot more...
If you can live with the keyboard and it's poor handling of 'special characters' and replace the ugly yellow bezel with the transparent blue and switch off the annoying sounds, you actually end up with a decent tool. It only lacks removeable storage or synchronisation with common desktop PIM's to be good....

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