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Casio SF-8000

[The B.O,S.S]

6V (2 x CR2025 3V)
CR2025 3V Backup
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: PDARAM: 64KBDisplay: Internal LCD
Resolution: 32 x 6 Characters (1
The Casio B.O.S.S.(Business Organiser Scheduling System) is what I usually call an 'Airport Casio'... This means, one of those reasonably cheap gadgets that they sell i the Duty-free shops on international airports.

No, there's nothing wrong in buying them there... I just don't like it when people buy them on a whim. Anyone buying something like this without considering it first, really deserve what they get...

Now then, the B.O.S.S range wasn't too bad...
here's some data about them:

FS-7000 32Kb Memory
SF-7500 64KB Memory
SF-7600SP 64KB Memory,
Built-in Spell Checker
SF-8000 64KB Memory,
Tactile keyboard
Executive B.O.S.S.
64KB Memory
Exandable memory & Functions using Memory Expansion Cards
Executive B.O.S.S.
128KB Memory
Exandable memory & Functions using Memory Expansion Cards
There's probbly more models, but these are the ones mentioned in my Quick Reference Guide...

Inspecting a SF-8000 and reading the guide also gives these specifications:

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