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Casio PB-100

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There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

This interface doubles as a 'deskstand' or base for the PB-100.
It is powered by two AA size cells, without provision for any external supply.
Beneath it is a small lock to secure the PB-100, and a socket to place the PB-100's slot cover in.
At the rear, there is another expansion slot where the PF-12 Mini Thermal Printer can be attached. (Any other items?)

But the important part is the three coloured wires at the righthand side. They are:
ColourConnects to
GreyRemote control (Stops or starts tape player)
WhiteMicrophone (To save the programs)
BlackEarphone (To load programs from tape)
Simply put, connect the wires and ensure the interface have fresh batteries.

The commands and their usage is:
(Parameters in [ ] is optional)
SAVE ["Filename"]Saves the current program to tape, optionally giving it the name of filename
LOAD ["Filename"]Loads the file from tape. IF no filename is given, loads the first, othervise will keep skipping until it finds file Filename
VER ["Filename"]Verifies the file on tape with the program in memory.
SAVE A ["Filename"]Saves ALL Programs(P0-P9) to tape.
LOAD A ["Filename"]Loads ALL programs from a file on tape (That was saved by SAVE A)
VER A ["Filename"]Verifies a SAVE A file with memory.
PUT ["Filename",]Varname_1,Varname_2,...Saves the list of variables to a file on tape. Varname can be any legal variable.(See the Basic section)
GET ["Filename",]Varname_1,Varname_2,...Loads the list of variables from tape. Make certain that they are in the same order as when saved... (I have yet to test any error handling in that situation.)

I would like to thank Jean-Francois Laroche who runs the Pocketmuseum in France for reminding me of the LOAD and SAVE commands (That SHOULD have been obvious for me) and for supplying the GET and PUT info.
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