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Casio PB-100

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The keyboard can be divided into 3 sections:

Pressing the [Shift] key, and then(not at the same time) another key gives the symbol or keyword above the key.

Beside the LCD screen there's a small table:
[7] PRT ON[8] PRT OFF=====
[4] DEG[5] RAD[6] GRA
This table is used together with the [Mode] key to change Operating mode.
Their use is:
[0] RUN The default mode when you power it up. Is used for running programs or when you use it as a 'normal' calculator.
[1] WRT The 'Edit' mode. Used when you write programs...
[2] TRACE ON Used for singlestepping through programs? (Real programmers don't singlestep)
[4] DEGDegrees, Radians and Gradians. Calculator mathemathical modes... (Don't ask me. I'm no math genious :-)
[5] RAD
[6] GRA
[7] PRT ONWhen activated, will send everything that is displayed to the printer.(If connected.)
[.] EXTExtended character set. Used when editing. When activated, will give minor case characters. The [Shift] key in combination with other charcters gives the symbol below the key.
There's two ways to RUN a program:
(While in RUN mode)

The List command can be used in different ways:

In RUN mode, the List command will list the default program line by line with a short delay between each line. If the line is longer than the screen, then it will scroll to the end first.
If you want to list another program, type the number after the List command...

In Write mode, pressing List wll result in the PB-100 displaying the first line of the default program. Pressing the [EXE] will step trough the program. While doing this, it is possible to edit the line that is displayed.
If you type a line number after the List command, then it will jump directly to that line.

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