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Panasonic WL55

Unfortunately, I don't have the battery-pack which fits in this slot, or even its specifications. I do belive that it was made up of AA-size cells, though
[Top][Battery][left side][Hinge][Danger...][Open]

13V DC, 700mA
Battery pack, unknown
Production year: 0000OS: - Undefined -
Type: LaptopRAM: 48KBDisplay: Internal LCD
The Panasonic WL55 Lap Top Word Processor
(Yes, that's the way it is written on top of the lid)

The full model no. is KX-WL55, according to the label underneath.

I don't have any information about the Processor as I have yet to open the unit. (It is beautifully built, with not a single visible screw). The amount of RAM is a guess, based on the fact that if it is started and a new Wordprocessor document is started, about 47KB is free for it.

In addition to a wordprocessor program it also has a built-in Spreadsheet, address list(and yes, it can do a mail-merge with it), Spell-checker, Thesaurus, and even an automatic demonstration mode.(Requires a special diskette which I don't have. Hold down the shift key while switching on.)

Documents and user-defined dictionaries are stored on 3.5" diskettes.

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