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Hewlett Packard 5036A Microprocessor Lab

Check out the resolution!
Yes, you can get around with just 6 7segment LED modules.

110/220V AC
Production year: 1978OS: - Undefined -
Type: Test equipmentProcessor: 8085Speed: 4MHz
RAM: 1KBROM: 2KBDisplay: 7Segment LEDs
Now, THIS is a real find. It is a HP-made Microprocessor-trainer built into a suitcase. Not only does it do a very good job of explaining how a computer is built, but it is also a great machine for learning how to repair one as the PCB is littered with small jumpers that can be moved around to create faults.

I first came into contact with these back in 1987, when I learned to repair computers, and I considered it a pretty nice kit back then.

Schools would typically buy in a whole set of these, and either make some training-manuals themselves, or they would buy thick lab-manuals from HP for this kit.

I think I still have the manual I used, and may scan in a page or two to show how thorough it was.

From what I have heard, many schools have just thrown these away as they were no longer in use and only took up space, so they're not exactly flooding the vintage-computer markets. If you collect computers and computing-memorabilia, and get the chance, GET IT!

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