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Psion Organiser One

There are no pictures available for this page. Maybe later?

Now then, you probably think that a computer with only 2KB of RAM can't be used for anything much, right?
But lets try it a bit...

When you first turn it on, it displays the time and date(no year, though). Since it's quite probably NOT the correct time, we change it:
Use the [<<] and [>>] keys to move the underscore to the digit you want changed, then use the letter 'A' to 'Advance' it, but note that the clock never stops. When you're finished, press [On].

Of course, that only prepares it for use. Nothing else. Now, make certain that you've got at least one, preferably two DataPak's slotted in. Without them, you won't be able to save any data.

Inserting data. Press the [mode] key until the prompt reads ENTER:
Now you can write whatever you like(up to 200 characters). To swithch between Normal and shifted keys, press the [Shift] key once. It will stay in shifted mode until you press [Shift] again.
When you're satisfied with what you're written, press the [Save] button. the prompt will now change to SAVE1: (or SAVE2:) If you have two Datapak's, pressing the [Save] button again will switch between them. Pressing the [Execute] button will then save the text into the selected Datapak. since the Datapaks are EPROM's, and the Psion is using a special addressing scheme, this is slow.(about 5 characters a second).

Finding data. What's the use of data if you can't search through them? Press [find] until the prompt is either FIND1: or FIND2: depending upon which pak you want to search through. type in a word that you belive is in the desired entry and p ess [Execute]. If the string exists, you will get the first entry with the string on the display. Pressing [Execute] again will bring up the next matching entry. Pressing [Execute] without typing in a search string will allow you to step through the entire database.

Using the data. When you've found the desired string, you can press the [Mode] key to select what you want to do with it. The options are: ENTER:(edit and save it on a pak), CALC:(Use it as a formula in the calculator), and [ERASE:] which deletes the item. (But since this is EPROM's, won't reclaim the space)
Note that you can use the [<<] and [>>] to make the text scroll across the screen.

The Calculator. Use the [Menu] button to select the CALC: prompt. Type in your formula,(up to two levels of parentheses, and using +,-,*,/ and EE) You're limited to a lenght of 200 characters. When you're satisfied, press the [Execute] button to ge your answer.
The EE symbol stands for 'Exponent'. Typing 3 EE 4 will give the result of 30000.

Now, then... You've filled up your Datapak's, what now? There's only one way to erase the pak and reclaim wasted space, and that is with a UV formatter. This is a special UV lamp that clears the EPROM. Place the Pak in it(after removing the cover over the EPROM's glass window). It shouldn't take more than about 15 minutes to clear it entirely. If you want to save any of the data, you must either copy it to another pak, or use the COMMS link(I don't have one, so can't tell you how) to copy the data to a PC.

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