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1 Application Header
    This chapter deals with the APP Definition.
2 Global Variables
3 Initialising
    Setting it all up..
4 Reading .INI files
    The .ini file is one of the most important parts of an successful App...
Oh yes, it's true. A user expect that a program at least remembers the file he was working on...
(Usually he expect it to remember a lot more :-)
5. Setting up the Data
    After you have read the .ini file you would want to open your data file...
(That's if your program uses data files :-)
6. The Event loop
    Round and round it goes, when it stops, your program ends.
7. Handling the [Menu] key
    It is a rather useful key, after all...
8. The [Ctrl] Key
    Users love keyboard shortcuts, so why not give them that?
9. System Events
    The System comes a'knockin... you better listen..