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The following code 'snippet' assumes that there exists three PROCS...
   IF runCMD$="C"
   ELSEIF runCMD$="O"
   ELSEIF runCMD$="R"

All procedures uses the filename given by the system.
(Which we have conveniently stored in the runfile$ variable).

The Runfile: PROC must handle three different cases:
Valid filename in the .ini file.(Open)
The runfile$ variable points to an existing file. (Open)
Or if none of above: Create the file with name given in runfile$

BTW: As you can see I have an 'unnecessary' extra ELSE in that statement...
This is to handle:

  1. Future enhancements to EPOC32...
    (I can't think of any extra commands to add just here but... :-)
  2. Your S5 behaving erratically....

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